Delhi-Mumbai Talgo Train final trial at 150 kmph today

The Spanish Talgo train embarks on its final Delhi-Mumbai trial run on Saturday. The train is expected to leave New Delhi station at 2:45pm and reach Mumbai at 2:29am Sunday. The train, which aims to cover the 1,384 km stretch in less than 12 hours at 150kmph, failed to hit the required speed in the earlier three trials.


Benefits of Talgo trains

a) Save up to 1 crore compared to LHB Rajdhani & Shatabdi coaches. Talgo coaches are easier to maintain.

b) No major overhauling of tracks needed for running Talgo in India.

c) Coaches have reading lights, tables, audio & video entertainment.

d) Trains inside have controlled temperature even if outside temperature is 50 degrees Celsius or below 20 degrees Celsius.

e) Talgo can reduce Railways’ energy bill by 30%.

(Sources: Agencies)