Specific Objectives of NRP Study

Specific Objectives of the NRP Study


The specific objectives of the study are

  1. In line with the national integrated transport policy, identify relevant strategic actions that will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.
  2. Formulate a coordinated, integrated and prioritized master plan for the rail transport sector making the optimal use of its comparative advantages and technical characteristics.
  3. Promote a multi-modal approach/ integrated multi-modal infrastructure facilities development plan.
  4. To study the rail Infrastructure deficiencies in various parts of the country and to suggest ways to overcome the same after considering the efficacy of existing and planned transport infrastructure.
  5. Plan the Railway Network in the border and remote areas giving due consideration to strategic requirement.
  6. Plan connectivity to ports (existing and upcoming) duly incorporating the network planned in Sagarmala Project of Ministry of Shipping.