Overall Objectives of the NRP study

Overall Objectives of the NRP Study


 The overall objective of the study is to prepare a comprehensive strategy and master plan for the rail sector in India which will  


  1. Facilitate easy movement of freight and passengers, and access to resources and services with reliability, safety and convenience to secure an environmentally efficient and long term sustainable rail transport system.
  2. Stimulate economic growth by way of creating required rail infrastructure in conjunction with other mode of transport.
  3. Promote social integration and stability, and be responsive to local, national, regional and international demands and/or any socioeconomic growth strategy.
  4. Provide a prioritized rail transport investment plan and implementation schedule for the whole country as well as specific national and regional spatial development corridors.
  5. Draw out a plan for Trans-Asian Rail network.
  6. Meet the strategic requirement along international border.
  7. To build an economically competitive rail transport system.