Future Roadmap of the NRP

Future Roadmap


National Rail Plan envisages:

  1. Identification of various traffic originating and terminating points including upcoming Power Plants, new coal mines, Ports, Industrial hubs, Smart cities etc.
  2. Identification of missing links in the existing rail network to provide alternative routes parallel to congested routes.
  3. Need for new lines to connect infrastructure-deficient areas including naxal affected territories.
  4. Need for 3rd/4th line and future provision of new DFC corridors
  5. Integrated planning of High Speed Rail network in the country keeping in view the time of Point to Point travel of about 6 hours. This may include “Spoke and Hub” approach keeping central place like Nagpur as hub and developing various routes such as:
    1. Delhi – Nagpur
    2. Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Nagpur
    3. Chennai-Nagpur
    4. Kolkata-Nagpur
    5. Patna-Nagpur
    6. Bangalore-Nagpur
    7. Bhubaneswar-Nagpur

Draft NRP will be put on the website of Indian Railways for consultations/ views of various stake holders. It will also be shared with the State Governments, federations like CII, FICCI etc. for suggestions.